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Instructional Design

Building learning experiences for a networked era 

Today's learning is about asking questions and forming connections. We live in a networked culture, yet so many companies are stuck building training for the bygone era of the broadcast.

Effective instructional design isn't about online learning or new high-tech tools. 


Instead, effective design is about prioritizing collaboration, making the flow of knowledge more dynamic, celebrating connection and creativity, and always making space for the question. 

As an instructional designer with over a decade of experience in the tech, church, and non-profit sectors, I'll work with you to build workshops and online learning paths that achieve your learning objectives quickly and easily. 

Instructional design services include: 

  • Needs analysis - Finding the performance gaps in your organization

  • Design and development, and delivery - Curating and building learning experiences that combine online material and live, in-person practice. 

  • Evaluation - Determining if a learning initiative achieved its intended results. 

My instructional design specialties include, but are not limited to: 

  • Building a culture of workplace coaching

  • Living the values of servant leadership

  • Staying centered in a landscape of constant digital chatter

  • Working efficiently in the digitally-driven workplace 

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