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Digital Transformation

Through a focus on readiness and culture, not tools and tactics

Having started my career at Google before moving onto Zendesk, I have helped hundreds of small to medium-sized organizations transform their business online. I have also coached several nonprofits and churches to improve their presence online and adopt technology in a way that aligns with their mission.  

While digital transformation means many things, I offer the following needs analysis services to churches, nonprofits, and socially conscious businesses: 

  • Cultural analysis - Not every organization is right for every tool. We'll analyze your organization's culture to determine which technologies align to your mission, and which technologies will be most impactful in realizing results.  

  • Customer analysis - What kind of organization do your customers and stakeholders want you to be? We'll build a digital transformation plan focused on one key question: how can your organization serve more effectively?

  • Bandwidth analysis - We've determined your needs. Now let's determine which technologies your organization has the capacity to adopt. This step will make your transformation easy and hassle-free! 

Once we complete these analyses, we'll work together to select a technology implementation partner (if necessary) to guide you through the next steps of your digital transformation. 

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