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About Me

Working at innovative companies like Google and Zendesk, I have always had one foot in the tech office...

...and another in the church, of all places.


As a talent development professional in the tech industry, I focus on facilitating success through learning and service. 


At the office, I coach managers to be servant leaders. I teach sales and support teams to put people over process. I challenge those living in digital culture to operate with greater empathy.

I am also a graduate of Luther Seminary, a religious education instructor, a former camp counselor, a Lutheran preacher, and a theology blogger. 

As I have simultaneously inhabited the world of tech and the world of spirituality, I have discerned a call to build a bridge between the two. My call to serve the church is a call to explore what it means to do effective ministry in digital culture. 

I am currently writing a book with Fortress Press, due out in 2020, on the four core values of digital culture, and what they mean for Christian leadership. Access this page for other recent projects and publications!

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